A successful Red Deer Marlins swim season depends on you!  This section of the website describes Marlin’s family volunteer commitment and helps you understand available opportunities. If you have a question that isn’t answered below email us at volunteerrdmarlins@gmail.com.


Some other family requirements may seem like volunteering but they are counted separately to your volunteer commitment. These include things like Bingos, Casinos and the Bottle Drive. More information on these activities can be found on the Fundraising and Bingo pages.



Marlins families commit to 20 hours of volunteering and 5 additional volunteer hours for each additional swimmer in the family.  Your volunteer commitment must include 3 on-deck officiating shifts (1 shift for new families).


A deposit of $400 per family is required at registration.  This cheque will be returned to you once the required volunteer hours are complete.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways you can complete your volunteer commitment with the club. While exact opportunities are confirmed at the beginning of each season, you can expect to be able to participate in the following.


Social Activities

Help the social committee organize successful social events by signing up to help set up chairs and food at our Meet the Coach event or AGM, or help serve pasta, ice cream or pancakes at our team building activities!  For more information visit the Social page; to sign up for specific options click here.



Be a timer at one of our endurance swims or time trials.  While this job doesn’t count towards your on-deck commitment if you’re new to swimming this is a great way to prepare to be a timer at a sanctioned meet.  To sign up for this opportunity click here.


Marlins Swim Meet

They say it takes an army to raise a child, well it certainly takes one to run a meet!   In addition to on-deck officiating volunteer options, you can help set up/take down crew, announcer, concession and raffle table sales. To sign up for these opportunities click here.


Committee/Board Member


Join a Marlins Committee or the Board.  Below you will find links to position descriptions:

Executive and Director positions are 2-year terms and are staggered across years to ensure consistency.  Committee positions are 1-year terms and don’t need to be elected.  While we’ve received interest in ALL positions for next year except Social Committee Director you are still welcome (and encouraged) to put your name in the hat.

Submit your nomination to Erika by 12 August 2018.  Elections are held at the AGM.

Note the following positions are NOT available as they have 1 year remaining in their term: Secretary, Fundraising.

On-Deck Officiating Shifts

Returning families are required to complete 3 on-deck officiating shifts at a sanctioned event.  New families are required to complete 1 on-deck officiating shift.  This is actual officiating at a meet and includes things such as being a safety marshall or timer.  For more information on officiating opportunities, what training is required (and how to get that training), and how to sign up please visit the Officials page or email our Officials Coordinator at rdmarlinsofficials@gmail.com.


Track Your Hours

To make sure you get credited for your volunteer hours be sure to keep track of the hours you have volunteered, and how you earned them.  Submit them by email to us at the end of each month.  We aren’t your mom so please don’t forget to send us those hours – families who fail to complete their full volunteer commitment by the end of the season will have their $400 deposit cheque cashed.


An example of how you can send us your hours:

Jane Doe for swimmer Sarah Doe


Hours for May:

  • 2 hours serving food at Meet the Coach event
  • 4 hours safety marshall at Lacombe meet