Hello Marlins Families,

As the competitive swim season is here and our competitions are fast approaching so is your opportunity to volunteer.  Successful swim meets require a lot of volunteers to ensure everything runs smoothly for our kids. In fact, there would be no swim meets without volunteers!  Signing up for volunteer opportunities can be completed online at various Volunteer Signup pages found on our GET INVOLVED page.

At the swim meets there will be an opportunity for you to help and start working on the hours you need to put in this season. Our swim meet sign-ups will be on the Signup page, and at the out-of-town swim meets you will find a “sign-up” sheet. If you are new to the club and have not worked as an official before the best place to sign up is as a timer which involves taking an online Level 1 Officials course.  Information about the course is on our OFFICIALS page, completion of this course earns you one volunteer hour as well. The referee will go over everything you need to know about timing prior to the start of the meet. There are usually two sessions at all meets so you can either do a 4 hr or an 8 hr shift (this is approximate so record your hours accordingly). Timing and officiating gives you the best view of the races that are taking place. The other nice thing about officiating is the club running the swim meet will feed you a delicious meal.Returning families are required to do at least 3 on-deck official sessions while new families are required to do at least 1.

If you are worried about your little ones not making it to their races because you are busy, this is a great opportunity to meet other parents. Any of the parents who have been with the club in any capacity understand what you are going through and are willing to help. Just let us know! Often times we will take turns watching. For example, I time in the morning and you watch the kids and get them to their races and in the afternoon you time and I watch the kids. We both get 4 hrs towards our volunteering by timing.

If you are not comfortable officiating for your first meet then wait until the next one. We understand and are here to help, so please see me, Lori Rechlo, or one of the many seasoned swim families for more information.  A brief description of each position required to make a swim meet a success can be found here.

Additional opportunities to volunteer:

  • Volunteer for the social committee. Opportunities can be found on their Signup links for various events throughout the swim season.
  • Time during the endurance swims and time trials. Your swimmer will be in the water during this hour so take that time to help the coaches and swimmers. This is a good place to start if you are new to timing, as they are in-house events with a little slower pace when compared to a swim meet.
  • Take an officiating course either online or in a classroom setting. More information will be emailed from the coordinator responsible for official’s training.

Make sure that you keep track of the hours that you have volunteered each month and send them in at the beginning of the next month. volunteerrdmarlins@gmail.com  You are responsible for recording and submitting your hours; the volunteer coordinator cannot contact 90 families to get each of their volunteer hours.
It does not need to be on a formal form, it can be as simple as sending an email that says:

For example:
Joe Blow for swimmer Max Blow:

Hours for May
volunteered with social committee – 1hr
volunteered at Lacombe timing – 4hrs

I will be recording the hours on a monthly basis. Remember the goal is a minimum of 20 volunteer hours per swimmer including a minimum of 3 on-deck sessions for returning families and 1 on-deck session for new families throughout the swim season. (5 additional hours for each additional swimmer in the family).

Please email volunteerrdmarlins@gmail.com with any volunteer-related questions you may have throughout the season.

Thank you!


Past Inclusions for Volunteer Credits:

    • Become an Official – time spent attending an officiating course can be credited to you!
    • Officiate at other swim meets – plus they feed you lunch!
    • Volunteer opportunities at our Swim meet:
      • Set Up / Take Down
      • Announcer
      • Marshalling
      • Communications to the Camp Area
      • Concession
      • Raffle Table
      • A multiple of officiating duties


    • Assist at special events:
      • Time trials
      • Endurance Swims


    • Manage TeamSnap scheduling for a swim squad


    • Committee Board Members – to attend at least half of the Executive meetings (Jan – Sept). Click here for a description of each of these roles.
      • Registrar – 2 people
      • Meet Manager
      • Equipment Manager
      • Web Manager
      • Communications Director
      • Casino Manager
      • Bingo Coordinator
      • Public Relations
      • Social Committee Chair
      • Officials Chairperson
      • Coaching Committee Chairperson
      • Volunteer Coordinator
      • Fundraising Chairperson


  • Committee Members:
    • Social Committee – 2 people
    • Coaching Committee – Contracts
    • Coaching Committee – Programming
    • Coaching Committee – Mediation
    • Assistant Meet Manager – OPEN POSITION
    • Assistant Equipment Manager
    • Fundraising Committee – 2 people
    • Swim Meet – Computer Logging

20 hours of volunteer time including a minimum of *3 on-deck sessions. (5 additional volunteer hours for each additional swimmer in a family).

*First-year families will be required 20 hours including a minimum of 1 on-deck session.

$400 deposit required at registration