Social Events Page

Welcome to the Marlin’s Social Event Page!


How do we make a swimmer happy?…..FOOD!

How do we make coaches happy?…..FOOD!

How do we create our Marlins family?…..FOOD!

We are looking forward to our many scrumptious social gatherings and events planned for our Marlins family this season!! Here’s what we have lined up so far:

May 8, 2019                      Season Kick Off ~ Michener Center

May 22, 2019                    Endurance Swim/ Freezie Day ~ Michener Center

June 15, 2019                    Red Deer Marlins Swim Meet ~ Michener Center

July 12, 2019                     Pancake Breakfast ~ Recreation Park

July 24, 2019                     Endurance Swim/Ice Cream Social

August 9, 2019                  Spaghetti Breakfast ~ Recreation Center Sportsman room

August 14, 2019                Year End Banquet ~ Michener Center


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If you have any questions, please contact Diane at Email: or 403.598.7460 (cell)