How to Register: Please contact

Step 1: Print and fill-out the Red Deer Marlins Registration, Medical Contact, Swimmer Commitment and Parent Conduct forms. As well as the  Dryland 360 Fitness Waiver if your athlete will be participating in the dryland training.
Step 2: Bring all your applicable forms (above) and your checkbook, as multiple checks will be needed.


 Registration is still be accepted. Please contact


Additional Registration requirements:

Bingo Policy:

You will have an option to work or “pay-out” your bingo commitment.

A) Work Bingos– Please submit individual non-dated cheques for each bingo you plan on working, 1 bingo is a $200 cheque.  All members are required to work a minimum of two bingos per swimmer per season.

B) Pay-out Bingos – $200/ Bingo/swimmer, paid with registration fees.

**Please refer to the Bingo Section of our website for further details.

Fundraising Policy:

You will have an option to work or “pay-out” your fundraising commitment.

A) Work Fundraising events – Please submit 3 non-dated cheques, $100, $100, $100 with Registration. Plus $100 non-dated cheque for the bottle drive deposit.

B) Pay-Out Fundraising – $300/ swimmer, paid with registration fees.  Plus $100 for bottle drive.

**Please refer to the Fundraising Section of our website for further details.

Volunteering Policy:

  • All families must commit to 20 hours of volunteering, including a minimum of *3 on-deck officiating shifts. (5 additional volunteer hours for each additional swimmer in the family).
    •  *First-year Marlins Families will be required a minimum of 1 on-deck officiating shift.
  • A separate check with a deposit of $400 per family will need to be submitted at the time of registration. This cheque will be returned to the family once the required volunteer hours are complete.

**Please refer to the Volunteer Section of our website for further details.

*Officiating shifts refer to volunteering on-deck at a sanctioned swim meet.

Registration and Withdrawal Policy:

The club is required to pay a registration fee to the Alberta Summer Swimming Association. If you decide to withdraw your swimmer from the club before May 30th and the president is informed in writing of your decision, your registration fees will be refunded, less expenses incurred by the swimmer (A.S.S.A. registration etc.). Refunds after May 30th will be for medical reasons only.

If you need any additional information:

  • Contact our registration team via E-mail