Swim Meets And In-House Swim Events

2020 Swim Meet & In-House Swim Events Schedule TBA. Please check back in the spring of 2020 for updates.

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Meet Location

“Camp” Location

See Team App Evaluation Swims  N/A
TBA Lacombe indoor
TBA Red Deer indoor
TBA Forestburg outdoor
TBA Innisfail outdoor
TBA  Hanna outdoor
TBA Ponoka outdoor
TBA Nanton (out of the region)  indoor
TBA Killam indoor
TBA Regionals (Host TBA) outdoor
TBA Provincials—Edmonton indoor

Swim Meet Registration:

We use Team App to register your athletes for swim meets. You must go to the Event & Swim Meet Deadlines section on Team App (which is two weeks prior to the swim meet) and reply “YES” or “NO”. A response of “MAYBE” will be considered a “NO”. Registrations will not be accepted after the deadline except with verbal confirmation from your Coach.

Please email your Coach if you have specific limitations to your participation. Example: Need to leave by 3 pm because it’s Grandma’s Birthday Party. This enables your Coach to pick proper events for the swimmer and the planning of relays, etc which tend to run at the end of the day.

If at any time, after the registration closes for each meet that and you know that you cannot attend please email your Coach to attempt to deregister your swimmer so you do not incur the meet scratch penalty.

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What to Bring to a Swim Meet:

  • Cap
  • Goggles, at least two pairs per swimmer
  • Competition swimsuit and perhaps a training suit
  • Enough changes of clothing to be warm and dry during the whole meet.
    (One set of dry clothes in the vehicle to return home in.)
  • Sleeping bag or heavy blanket if swimmers are allowed or must go outdoors
    between events
  • A pair of old running shoes or deck shoes.  This is essential if swimmers
    must stay outdoors between events
  • Towels – these are best passed out, one before the meet, one at lunch and
    one for showering at the end of the day
  • A small tent – as some swim meets are outside and the weather does not
    always cooperate!
  • Parents should be prepared for the possibility that all articles entering
    the pool area will come home soaked
  • Travelling games, books, and cards to entertain swimmers during meets
  • A nutritious lunch.  Most swimmers feel more comfortable eating a number of smaller nutritious snacks
    during the day rather than one larger meal at lunchtime.  Pack lots of fruit,
    fruit juices and low-fat carbohydrates.  Foods to avoid include pop, chips,
    candy and chocolate bars.  As well, your swimmer should also have plenty of
    plain water during meets and practices.
  • Money (Usually $5) for a heat sheet, sharpie for marking events on athlete’s arm, highlighter for highlighting events on the heat sheet.
  • *There are often raffles or silent auction items at swim meets and occasionally swimsuit or t-shirt vendors.