Swimming as a Red Deer Marlin costs approximately $1250-$1500 per swimmer to swim between the months of May and August.

The fundraising commitment per swimmer for this season is $300 plus a mandatory bottle drive and mandatory bingos. It must be completed by August 15th, 2018.

If you opt to participate in fundraising, then you will be required to submit FOUR non-dated cheques per swimmer in the amounts of $100 each.  (This includes the $100 bottle drive deposit). These cheques act as collateral payment.  If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your fundraising commitment, we will cash your cheque(s) to make up for the registration costs.  When you complete your fundraising requirements, we will return your cheque(s) to you.

  1. Mandatory Bingos ($200 per bingo)
  2. Fundraising ($300)
  3. Mandatory Bottle Drive participation ($100)


  1. You may choose to participate in any/all of the fundraising options to the amount $300. You are not committed to choosing only one activity but can mix and match.  You have MANY fundraising activities to participate in.
  2. You may opt to “pay out” the fundraising requirement in the form of ONE dated $300 cheque per swimmer. Cheques payable to Red Deer Marlins.
  3. You may choose to partially fundraise and “pay out” the balance.
Bottle Drive

There will also be at least one planned bottle drive evening for the entire team.  This will be a great team building event for your swimmer(s)!  We are asking to hold an additional $100 cheque per swimmer to ensure participation.  We are hoping that this team fundraiser will bring in at least $8000!




**Fundraising commitments must be completed by August 15th **

Fundraising Options

#1 Kernels Popcorn

Individual popcorn bags

$2.00 – $2.50 each with a 50% fundraising credit

Deadline for orders: May 31st

Pick up: June 12th

Submit Orders to Chelsey Hausch & money to Cathy

Order Form

#2 Grocery Cards – Co-op

Co-Op Gift Cards: Deadline is May 31st  5% return

Sign Up for Co-op Gift Cards Here.

#3 Grocery Cards

Save-On Foods & Sobeys Gift Cards

Deadline for orders: April 13th, May 13th, June 13th & July 13th


Pick up: TBD

Submit Orders to Lana Bellmore & money to Cathy

Save-On: 10%

Sobeys: 5%

These cards never expire.  They are not valid for liquor, tobacco or gas.

Place your orders by clicking here, or on the button below. Please submit your payment to Lana Bellmore or Cathy Sveinson by the above dates.


#4 Raffle for Cash
(Prize 1 – $1500; Prize 2 – $500)

Deadline for submission of tickets: June 22

Draw Date: July 11th

Submit Orders to Lana Bellmore & money to Cathy


Tickets available on registration night.  Please sign up here to reserve your ticket books.

signup button

Raffle Tickets need to be returned by June 22nd, draw to take place July 11th


Your Red Deer Marlins Fundraising Committee

Lana and Chelsey