The fundraising commitment per swimmer for this season is $350 plus 2 bingos.  Fundraising commitment must be fulfilled by 5 August 2019.

If you opt to participate in fundraising, then you will be asked to submit ONE $350/swimmer non-dated deposit plus $200 for each bingo.  If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your fundraising commitment, we will cash your cheque(s) to make up for the registration costs.  When you complete your fundraising requirements, we will return your cheque(s) to you.


  1. You may choose to participate in any/all of the fundraising options to the amount $350. You are not committed to choosing only one activity but can mix and match.  You have MANY fundraising activities to participate in.
  2. You may opt to “pay out” the fundraising requirement in the form of ONE dated $350 cheque per swimmer. Cheques are payable to Red Deer Marlins.
  3. You may choose to partially fundraise and “payout” the balance.

Further Fundraising Information Attached

Current Fundraising Opportunities

 Gift Cards

Save On Foods, Sobey’s and Co-Op

Grocery gift card orders are placed March, May, June, July

Orders must be submitted online and payment must be submitted to Lana Bellmore in order for your order to be fulfilled.

Orders and payment are due on the 13th of the month before 6:00 PM.

Fundraising credits:

Save-On 10%

Co op 5%

Sobeys – kickback percentages will be between 2% and 6%. Discounts will be applied to the total bulk purchase depending on the amount of the order. Once we have the total bulk gift card order the rate will be applied.


Little Caesars

Order Deadline: June 2
Delivery Date: June 18
Club must have a min of 100 orders.
Information linked HERE

Little caesars


Information attached here

Orders are due July 25th


Kernels order form attached here

Orders are due June 15th

Bottle Drive

The bottle drive is scheduled for May 30th.  5:30-8:00.  Location to be announced.

Bottle drive is a $50 fundraising credit per swimmer. To receive the credit you must attend the entire bottle drive. Each swimmer must come with a parent to drive them around – no drop offs are allowed.

To sign up visit the main Marlins sign up page here.

Shrimp & Olymel Bacon 

*Orders due May 27th

Please note: As of currently, we do not have a pickup date yet. This will hopefully be determined shortly after our orders are placed.

Please read the information below about each of these items.

Olymel Bacon        Sweet and tender Shrimp

   5kg box                            2.5 lb bag

   $65.00/box                    $30.00/bag


Bacon Order Sheet Attached HERE

Shrimp Order Sheet Attached HERE


-we have to sell a minimum of $500 worth of product, for this order to proceed.

-shrimp comes raw. The shrimp are NOT the small size or the jumbo ones.  I would call them average. They are sweet and tender. I personally think they are better tasting than the Costco ones.

-if the price of shrimp stays good, one could look at an approximate profit of $8.00/bag.

-I have seen this fundraiser with hockey teams and the shrimp are quite popular



Olymel Bacon:

-bacon prices are fluctuating right now, so we are hoping that we can get a decent price on this product.

-Sold as a 5kg box. We will sell the box for $65.00. Which is $5.90/ lb.

-if the price of bacon stays good, one could look at an approximate profit of $9.50/ box.

-They do not sell half cases. But if you want to split a case with someone else, that’s on your own.



Please keep track of your orders. Please see the attached order sheets. Please use separate orders sheets for each product. The fundraising campaign will run for 14 days. The orders must be submitted on May 27, 2019. No additions will be allowed after the 27th as I have to submit these orders to the sales representative (he takes our order and gets us the best price).


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me, Jana. Cell: (text preferred) 403-896-6794 or email:

Thank you!

Your Red Deer Marlins Fundraising Committee
Lana and Chelsey