The fundraising commitment per swimmer for this season is $350 plus 2 bingos.  Fundraising commitment must be fulfilled by 5 August 2019.

If you opt to participate in fundraising, then you will be asked to submit ONE $350/swimmer non-dated deposit plus $200 for each bingo.  If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your fundraising commitment, we will cash your cheque(s) to make up for the registration costs.  When you complete your fundraising requirements, we will return your cheque(s) to you.


  1. You may choose to participate in any/all of the fundraising options to the amount $350. You are not committed to choosing only one activity but can mix and match.  You have MANY fundraising activities to participate in.
  2. You may opt to “pay out” the fundraising requirement in the form of ONE dated $350 cheque per swimmer. Cheques are payable to Red Deer Marlins.
  3. You may choose to partially fundraise and “payout” the balance.

Further Fundraising Information Attached

Current Fundraising Opportunities

 Gift Cards

Save On Foods, Sobey’s and Co-Op

Grocery gift card orders are placed March, May, June, July

Orders must be submitted online and payment must be submitted to Lana Bellmore in order for your order to be fulfilled.

Orders and payment are due on the 13th of the month before 6:00 PM.

Fundraising credits:

Save-On 10%

Co op 5%

Sobeys – kickback percentages will be between 2% and 6%. Discounts will be applied to the total bulk purchase depending on the amount of the order. Once we have the total bulk gift card order the rate will be applied.


Spolumbo Sausage

Forms and cheques to Lana Bellmore by April 11, 2019.

Approximately $20 fundraising credit per case sold

Order pick up: April 27 – location and time TBD

Spolumbo Product Description

Order Form

Grocery Gift Card Survivor

survivor jpeg

A joint venture with Catalina!

Registration deadline April 11
Email entry forms and cheque to Lana @
FORMS attached
Game starts April 29
Fundraising credit: $50/team
How to play:
  • Collect a team of 5 players
  • Collect $20 per player ($100/team)
  • Come up with a fun name
  • Complete the team form and submit to Lana with your payment

Assemble as many teams as you want – we’re looking for at least 50!

Winnings: (to be split within the team)

  • First loser – $100
  • 5th place – $100
  • 4th place – $150
  • 3rd place – $200
  • 2nd place – $300
  • 1st place – remainder of pot (i.e. if 50 teams enter pot = $1650 or $330 per team member)

How it works:

  • $50 from each team gets credited to your fundraising
  • $50 goes towards purchasing grocery gift cards
  • There will be draws of individual player names – this is where you want to be picked last
  • Teams are eliminated when all of their member’s names have been drawn
  • Each team has 5 chances before being eliminated – each member of each team will be entered into the draw once

Team Benefit

  • Gift cards will be purchased through the grocery gift card program. This kickback will be split proportionately across participating clubs (i.e.  $2500 in gift cards are purchased for a 5% return = $125.  If Marlins provide 25 of the 50 teams then Marlins will receive $62.50 towards general club funds)

Meadowbrook Flower Sales

$30/ 10”Hanging Baskets

Order Deadline

April 15, 2019

Order Pickup

May 9th, 2019

Time: TBA

Location: Michener Curling Rink Parking Lot

Swimmer Return  

$12 per plant sold

Order Details

Order & payment must be submitted to Lana (403-506-1880)

Order Form Attached


Viva Deli

$10 Perogies and Pelmenis

Order Deadline: May 13, 2019

Order Pickup: May 30, 2019

Location: Viva Deli

Swimmer Return: 50%

Order Details:

Order & payment must be submitted to Lana (403-506-1880)
Order Details

Order & payment must be submitted to Lana (403-506-1880) by April 11, 2019

Order Form Attached


Highway Clean Up

Clean Up Date: May 4th 

Alternate Date: May 11th

More details to come!


Stay tuned for more fundraisers:

  1. Kernels
  2. Fundscrip

Thank you!

Your Red Deer Marlins Fundraising Committee
Lana and Chelsey