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2018 Bingo Schedule

We have our bingo dates to announce for the 2018 season!

The first 3 bingos are now open for registration.

Date Day of the Week Time
December 22 Friday 4:30-9:30
January 21 Sunday 4:30-9:30
February 16 Friday 4:30-9:30

The remaining bingos will be opened the morning after our registration night if they are not filled at registration. The swimmer commitment for the 2018 season is 2 bingos per Junior Development swimmer and below and 3 for Intermediate and above. * Bingo requirements will be re-evaluated once our registration is complete.   

 The bingos that will open at registration are scheduled for:

Date Day of the Week Time
March 31 Saturday 10:30-3:30
April 14 Saturday 4:30-9:30
May 30 Wednesday 4:30-9:30
June 22 Friday 4:30-9:30
July 9 Monday 4:30-9:30
July 28 Saturday 4:30-9:30
August 12 Sunday 4:30-9:30
August 29 Wednesday 4:30-9:30
September 30 Sunday 10:30-3:30
October 30 Tuesday 4:30-9:30
November 23 Friday 4:30-9:30


About Bingo Fees:

The Red Deer Marlins main fundraiser is the Bingo income. This income covers the cost of
pool rental, swim meets registrations and swimmers swim events at meets. Members will be required to work a minimum of two bingos per swimmer each season. It is very important to honor your dates to maintain our good reputation and get as many dates as possible in the future.

Rules and Regulations for Bingo Volunteers:

Please see the following link for the document from the Red Deer Bingo Association that outlines the rules and regulations for volunteering at a bingo.

Bingo Volunteer Rules & Regulations