Swimmers of the Week awards are presented to those who attend practice regularly and work hard both in the pool and on deck. These swimmers display a good attitude towards their teammates and listen and follow through on what their coaches are asking of them.


Year End Awards

Squad Awards are selected and presented by the coaches.  They are awarded for:

  • Most Improved
  • Smiling Marlin
  • Coaches Award


Endurance Swim Certificates are presented to swimmers who complete a 1600m endurance swim during the season.  Colour coded stickers adhered to the certificate designate the following accomplishment:

  • Blue – 1600m completed
  • Green – 1600m completed in 40-45 minutes
  • Burgundy – 1600m completed in 35-40 minutes
  • Silver – 1600m completed in 30-35 minutes
  • Gold – 1600m completed in less than 30 minutes


Art Mellom Builder’s Award

The Builder’s Award is awarded to the club member who makes a significant contribution to the swim club.  It is in honour of Art Mellom the Marlins Summer Swim Club founder.

Past Art Mellom award winners:

Year Award Winner
2000 Denise and Dan Wall
2001 Lynn Hetherington
2002 Eileen Atkinson and Freida Boukall
2003 Franko Malone
2004 Peter Mah and Donna Smith
2005 Neil Martin
2006 Kathy Donaldson
2007 Chris and Char Andrew
2008 Brent Daviduck
2009 Lorrayne Laing
2010 Amanda Halford
2011 Hayley Goring
2012 Ed & Lisa Driesen
2013 Kelly & Carrie Lehman
2014 Ian & Marni Bettenson
2015 Jenn & Talbot Walton
2016 Cathy Sveinson
2017 Jana Raivio
2018 Erika Grobb


Joy Anderson Memorial Award:

Joy Anderson was a parent of a Marlin swimmer and a long-standing Executive member. Joy lost her long battle with cancer. Her family started this award in her honor shortly after she passed away. Joy had a passion for the Marlin Swim Club and its athletes. She felt very strongly about the Shelly Dyrland Award except she wanted the athlete’s opinion. This award is presented to the athlete, as voted by their peers, that displays sportsmanship, love for the sport of swimming, live the Marlin spirit and proves to be a leader.

Near the end of the season, the coaches will take votes from the swimmers on their choice for this award.

Past Winners Include:

Year Award Winner
1988 Jennifer Genung
1989 Laurena Wright
1990 John Soltice
1991 Sarah Dickin
1992 Ben Strand
1993 Ben Villeneuve
1994 Sarah Dickin
1995 Amy Villeneuve
1996 Jenny Villeneuve
1997 Abby Neiman
1998 Allison Boukall
1999 Sarah Williams
2000 AJ Mahoney
2001 Jessica Cole
2002 Amy Suitor
2003 Laurel Mooney
2004 Hayley Goring and Derek Langvand
2005 Ben Berg
2006 Patrick Errington and Nathan Mahoney
2007 Hayley Goring and Ben Berg
2008 Sefrah Daviduck
2009 Geordan Andrew
2010 Sarah Daviduck
2011 Jillian Engler
2012 Aiden Kooyman
2013 Liam Stalwick
2014 Cale Kooyman
2015 Cale Kooyman
2016 Erik Sveinson
2017 Chloe Becher
2018 Owen Halford


The Shelley Dyrland Memorial Award:

The Shelley Dyrland Memorial Award for team sportsmanship was first presented the summer of 1977. It was initiated after Shelley had been killed in a snowmobile accident on February 20, 1977.
Art Mellom, Earl and Jacki Dyrland set up the guidelines for the award based upon their feelings of Shelley’s contributions to, and enjoyment of, the Marlin Summer Swim Club.
The Marlin Summer Swim Club was chosen by the Dyrlands because of the intensity of Shelley’s feelings toward the club and toward swimming.

Past Recipients:

Year Award Winner
1977 Matt Deibert
1978 Pat Krushelnicke
1979 Sarah Deibert
1980 Erin Delbert
1981 Bart Dyrland
1982 Ken Farion
1983 Eugene Waldo
1984 Nan Michelle Swanson
1985 Luke Delbert
1986 Jennifer Jahraus
1987 Linda Andersen
1988 James Grindlay
1989 Chantal Boos
1990 Lindsay Kennedy
1991 Jason Read
1992 Ben Villeneuve
1993 Corinne Hansen
1994 Amy Villeneuve
1995 Robin Neiman
1996 Sarah Dicken
1997 Jill Hornby
1998 Niki Czerniak
1999 Allison Mah
2000 Abby Neiman
2001 Alyx Melone
2002 AJ Mahoney
2003 Sydney Wall
2004 Jamieson Wall
2005 Fraser Mah
2006 Haley Goring
2007 Group 2 Girls
2009 Carson Schiller
2010 Tanis Wiancko
2011 Hana Wolfe
2012 Julia Richards
2013 Cale Kooyman
2014 Chad Lantz
2015 Marin Walton
2016 Haven Pendle
2017 Frances Hansen
2018 Kaitlyn Orriss